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“To The Point” Series

The programs in this series deliver a detailed overview of important core safety topics. Each title is available in DVD, streaming, digital and SCORM formats. This series covers core topics and will give you almost a full year of training.

Topics in this series include:

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  • NEW! Industrial Crane Safety
  • NEW! Emergency Response
  • NEW! Arc Flash Protection
    & Safe Electrical Work Practices
  • NEW! Safe Operation of
    Aerial Work Platforms
  • Electric Shock
  • Personal Fall Arrest Systems
  • Ergonomics
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Preventing Hearing Loss
  • Lockout/Tagout
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Fire Prevention & Response
  • Preventing Slips, Trips & Falls
  • Safe Forklift Operation
  • The Proper Use of A Fire Extinguisher
  • Preventing Back Injuries
  • Preventing Eye Injuries


NEW! To The Point About Industrial Crane Safety
The movement of materials by industrial cranes can be quite hazardous to operators, pedestrians, and company property. Ensuring that operators of industrial cranes are fully trained and always operate their crane in a safe manner can prevent injuries and save lives. This program reviews how to properly rig and transport loads. Topics include pre-operational inspection, sling inspection, proper rigging procedures, and lifting & moving loads safely. #48-TP17-DVD

NEW! To The Point About Emergency Response
A workplace emergency can occur at any time and any place. Being properly prepared for an emergency helps ensure that workers will remain calm and respond appropriately. This program discusses the actions employees can take to stay safe during various types of emergencies. Topics include: fire response, responding to chemical leaks & spills, severe weather & earthquakes, and medical emergencies. #48-TP18-DVD

NEW! To The Point About Arc Flash Protection & Safe Electrical Work Practices
Because energized electrical parts expose workers to the risk of electric shock or exposure to an arc flash, employees must know and understand how to protect themselves from these two electrical hazards. This program provides an overview of the electrical safety program as it relates to arc flash protection and safe electrical work practices. Topics include: approach & arc flash boundaries, incident energy analysis, arc flash protection & PPE categories, and creating an electrical safe condition. #48-TP19-DVD

NEW! To The Point About The Safe Operation Of Aerial Work Platforms
Unsafe operation of aerial work platforms, also known as elevated work platforms (including boom lifts and scissor lifts), often has devastating consequences. Making sure these mobile and elevating work platforms are operated in a safe manner must be the operator's top priority. This program discusses the safety precautions these workers must follow to prevent injuries and property damage. Topics include: operator training, pre-operational inspection, mounting & moving the lift, basic safe work practices, lowering & dismounting the platform. #48-TP20-DVD

To The Point About Preventing Electric Shock
This program provides an overview of how electricity works and explains the safe work practices workers can follow to prevent electric shock-related injuries and fatalities. Topics include common electrical terminology, avoiding contact with energized parts, ground fault circuit interruptors, and responding to a shock event. #48-TP13-DVD

To The Point About Personal Fall Arrest Systems
This program reviews the proper selection and use of fall arrest equipment. Topics include the three components of a personal fall arrest system, calculating total fall distance, safe use of self-retracting lifelines, using fall arrest equipment 100% of the time, and survival & rescue after a fall event. #48-TP14-DVD

To The Point About Ergonomics
This program discusses how workers can use these controls to reduce, control or eliminate ergonomic risk factors. Topics include engineering & administrative controls, work practice controls for various body parts, how to lift & carry loads properly, and how & why to report symptoms of MSDs. #48-TP15-DVD

To the Point About Bloodborne Pathogens
This program discusses the components of an Exposure Control Plan and safe work practices that protect employees from exposure. Topics include occupational exposure, routes of entry, universal precautions, handling potentially infectious material and responding to an exposure. #48-TP01-DVD

To the Point About Confined Space Entry
This program details the steps outlined in the Confined Space Entry program that are designed to keep confined space workers safe. Topics include the confined space entry permit, atmospheric hazards, atmospheric testing and monitoring and duties of the entry team members. #48-TP02-DVD

To the Point About WHMIS
Various chemicals present many physical and health hazards that cause property damage or harm people. Protecting workers from exposure to hazardous chemicals can prevent injuries and illnesses. This program reviews the WHMIS Program and how employees can avoid chemical exposures. Topics include three types of chemical hazards, pictograms, container labels, hazard and precautionary statements and safety data sheets. #48-TP03-DVD

To the Point About Preventing Hearing Loss
This program explains how the hearing loss prevention program works to protect workers hearing. Topics include permissible exposure levels, use of earplugs, ear muff use, audiometric testing and the importance of protecting our hearing. #48-TP04-DVD

To the Point About Lockout/Tagout
This program explains the procedures workers must follow to protect themselves during lockout operations. Topics include employee designations, situations requiring lockout, lockout/tagout devices, energy control procedures and returning equipment to service. #48-TP05-DVD

To the Point About Personal Protective Equipment
This program reviews the basic types of personal protective equipment and how to wear it to prevent injuries. Topics include hard hats, hearing protection, eye and face protection, gloves and foot protection. #48-TP06-DVD

To the Point About Fire Prevention and Response
This program discusses how workers can prevent fires and how they should respond should one occur. Topics include classes of fire, good housekeeping, storage of flammable materials, hot work precautions, responding to fires. #48-TP07-DVD

To the Point About Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls
This program outlines the common safe work practices workers can follow to prevent slips, trips and falls. Topics include the effects of gravity, friction and momentum, wearing proper footwear and preventing slips and trips. #48-TP08-DVD

To the Point About Safe Forklift Operation
This program reviews the proper operating procedures forklift operators must follow to keep themselves and their co-workers safe. Topics include operator training and certification, pre-operational inspection, maintaining a truck's stability, lifting and placing loads, safe driving techniques and loading docks and trailers. #48-TP09-DVD

To the Point About Proper Use of a Fire Extinguisher
This program discusses the various types of extinguishers, deciding whether to use one and how to use one properly. Topics include classes of fires, types of extinguishers, deciding to use an extinguisher, proper use of extinguishers and extinguisher use and maintenance. #48-TP10-DVD

To the Point About Preventing Back Injuries
Practicing safe lifting techniques and maintaining neutral posture can prevent injuries. Topics include how the components of the back work, how back pain and injuries occur, proper lifting techniques, maintaining a neutral posture and responding to back pain. #48-TP11-DVD

To the Point About Preventing Eye Injuries
This program discusses taking proper precautions and wearing the appropriate protection against eye hazards to prevent eye injuries. Topics include employee training, safety glasses, safety goggles, face shields, laser and welding protection, eyewear maintenance and storage, basic eye safety precautions and responding to an eye injury. #48-TP12-DVD