Safety Matters

New Series from DuPont — SAFETY MATTERS

The Safety Matters series gets right to the point and delivers time-efficient safety training to your employees in 10 minutes or less. Titles are available in both DVD and streaming formats.

Current list of titles include:

NEW! Safety Matters: Welding Safety
Safety Matters: Welding Safety is a short, concise training program designed to increase participants’ knowledge of welding safety. Specifically, it defines welding, describes common types of welding, explains typical hazards associated with welding and identifies specific lines of defense for protection against hazards. It also describes how to wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and how to work safely before, during, and after welding activities. (9 min) 26-S584-DVD $395

NEW! Safety Matters: Strain and Sprains
Most people will experience strains and sprains at one point or another. Avoiding risky behavior and engaging in safe work practices are ways to actively sidestep the pain from these all too common injuries. This program helps increase employees’ knowledge of strains and sprains, their differences and how to treat them. Topics covered include: examples of strains and sprains, causes of strains and sprains, recognizing potential strains and sprains, preventative practices. (9 min) 26-S583-DVD $395

NEW! Safety Matters: Slips, Trips and Falls
Slips, trips and falls make up a quarter of the injuries reported in the workplace. They can happen anytime, anywhere, and are one of the leading causes of accidental deaths. This program helps increase your employees’ knowledge and awareness on causes of slips, trips and falls (STFs). It also describes organizational and individual steps you can take to reduce and prevent STFs and make your workplace a safer environment. Topics include: causes of slips, trips and falls, organizational practices for preventing slips, trips and falls, and individual practices for preventing slips, trips and falls. (9 min) 26-S582-DVD $395

NEW! Safety Matters: Machine Guarding
Safety Matters: Machine Guarding provides a brief overview of the hazards of working with machinery, the general types of machine safeguards, and how to do the job right to avoid injury, amputation, or even worse. Topics include: mechanical hazard locations, hazards from mechanical motions, hazards from mechanical actions and safeguards when working with machines. (9 min) 26-S581-DVD $395

NEW! Safety Matters: Fire Safety
Fire is a strong force that can destroy buildings, businesses, and even lives in a matter of minutes. Whether a fire is contained to a wastebasket, a room, or an entire building, knowing the warning signs and preventative measures are essential to protecting the workplace and lives. This program covers important safety matters like how fires start, how to prevent them, and how to fight a fire if you ever find yourself face-to-face with the flames. Topics include: how fire starts, fire prevention, classes of fire, fighting or fleeing a fire and what to do after the fire is out. (9 min) 26-S580-DVD $395

Confined Space Entry - educates employees on confined spaces and how to operate safely within such environments. It discusses the criteria, characteristics, and key industry statistics of confined spaces. The program explains the hazards of confined spaces, and how to detect and control them to ensure personal safety. It also outlines the training, roles and responsibilities of various members of the entry team and what emergency and rescue planning entails. (9 min) 26-S575-DVD $395

Personal Protective Equipment - shows employees the proper PPE to use for the various hazards they may face in their workplace. It discusses the responsibilities of both the employer and the employee for wearing, maintaining, and replacing appropriate PPE for specific tasks. (8min) 26-S578-DVD $395

Lockout/Tagout - fosters awareness of the sources of energy we work with, the dangers of those energies, and the systems in place to prevent potential issues. It also covers the five main causes of preventable injuries and the 7-step lockout/tagout procedure. (10 min) 26-S579-DVD $395

Security at Work - builds awareness about facility security. It discusses various types of threats and proactive measures you can take to prevent them. It also outlines how to act in case one is faced with a threat in the facility. (8 min) 26- S576-DVD $395

Active Shooter Preparedness - addresses how to report suspicious activity as well as how to respond in an ASI by determining when it’s best to run, hide or fight. The course will conclude by mapping out what to expect and how to respond when law enforcement arrives at the scene. (8 min) 26-S577-DVD $395

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