Why Shorter Safety Training Sessions Are Better

When it comes to safety, the more information people have the better. But when it comes to safety training, the more information that a safety manager provides, the longer the training session and the likelihood is higher that participants will forget crucial information.

Here are a few ways to keep safety training sessions short without compromising the key learning points.

  1. Microlearning provides different types of media and interactive components likes quizzes that appeal to participants and help with their retention of the material, all in a compact format. “To the Point” is a series that delivers concise training in 13 minutes or less.
  2. Toolbox talks are designed to review safety training on one topic. Short in nature, they review all of the key points and allow participants time to ask questions.
  3. Posters are another great way to reinforce a safety message. While they’re not traditionally considered safety training, they are an effective way to reinforce key training messages that are provided in a brief classroom session.

As Sgt. Joe Friday said, "All we want are the facts, ma'am." You’ll find that your participants want the same from their safety training—and keeping it as straightforward as possible will make training sessions a lot shorter and more effective.