Electrolab Remembering Lost Workers on National Day of Mourning

In memory sign

The National Day of Mourning is held annually in Canada on April 28. The day is set aside to remember those killed or injured in the workplace.

According to the Association of Workers' Compensation Boards of Canada (AWCBC), there were 852 workplace deaths recorded in Canada in 2015 and 232,629 lost time injury claims. These numbers are alarming. Every workplace injury or death affects not only the worker but also their family, friends and co-workers.

As much as this is a day to remember those that were lost or hurt in the workplace, it is also a day to reestablish a strong commitment to safety in order to prevent future tragedies. Electrolab Training Systems, home of SafeStart, provides safety training that focuses on 24/7 safety to prevent injuries and death on (and off) the job. 

Electrolab has a strong commitment to influencing safer workplaces and the company measures its success by how many lives have been saved as a result of its safety training. While an exact number of lives saved cannot be determined with any certainty, industry statistics, client injury reductions and the number of people trained can facilitate an estimate of the number of fatalities avoided due to proper safety training.

Since October 2012, Electrolab has saved 673 lives.

It’s important to commemorate workers who have been killed or injured in the workplace. Their deaths are a tragic reminder that more can be done to improve working conditions and to protect employees from harm. But it’s also important to celebrate safety successes and to show that it’s possible to prevent workers from getting hurt or killed. In addition to participating in Canada’s National Day of Mourning, consider following Electrolab’s example by recognizing the lives saved due to proper training. It will help everyone at your company recognize just how much work has been done to keep people safe—and how far there still is to go.