Falling Objects Could be the Death of You

Worker hoisting materials while working at heights

Growing up watching cartoons, there seemed to be an abundance of anvils falling—luckily the victims on these shows almost always walked away, albeit slightly squished. This slapstick-type comedy may be part of the reason falling objects aren’t taken as seriously as they should be.

PPE is Important—Even for the Feet

Most people take their feet for granted—until something happens to them. The Canadian Federation of Podiatric Medicine estimates that the average person spends approximately four hours on their feet and takes between 8,000 and 10,000 steps in a day.

Common Causes of PPE Non-Compliance

Personal protective equipment is the last line of defence when a hazard cannot be controlled or removed. It’s so important on jobsites that countries like Canada and the United States have established legal requirements for PPE that must be followed by both employers and employees. So why is there such a problem with PPE noncompliance?

Which Glove is the Right Fit?

One size does not fit all when it comes to protective gloves. While gloves seem like a small piece of the overall personal protective equipment puzzle, 25% of all workplace injuries happen to hands or fingers.