Heat Stress

Common Myths of Heat Stroke

reality vs. myth

Heat stroke is referred to as the silent killer because people know very little or are often misinformed about heat-related illnesses. With the warmer weather being more seasonable, here are some common myths and misconceptions that people believe about heat stroke that lead them to make bad decisions in how to handle it.

Myth #1 – Heat Stroke Signs Are Immediately Recognizable

Know the Signs of Heat Stress


Bright sun, blue sky, a fresh breeze, and the familiar hum of the season—these are the hallmarks of summer. But as much as we love the warm temperatures, working in the summer heat can quickly turn dangerous.

Prolonged exposure to heat puts stress on the body’s cooling system, resulting in what’s known as heat stress. When combined with physical exertion, heat stress can lead to a heat-related illness—or worse.